Element Builders specialize in high quality construction by offering a range of construction services in multitude specialties. With our extensive knowledge in general tenant improvement and commercial construction, we will ensure that your construction project is done right, is done on timely schedule, and within budget. All this will be done while ensuring the project planning, execution and completion is exactly the way you want it. Our office related services include general tenant improvements, all trades, design build, low voltage needs and more.

General tenant improvements

Looking for a general tenant improvement or a commercial remodel? Choose the best in San Diego Element Builders! Depending on who you choose to be your general contractor will directly impact the quality of your build. Our company only uses top quality materials, subcontractors and processes. When you choose us to be your general contracting company, you will receive nothing but the best. Regardless of what the job is, we guarantee to undertake everything we can to assure your project is completed in the best possible way, and at the best price. Through a well-executed bidding process, you can rest assured that your project is well planned, and detailed out. You will never have to worry about having to pay one price yet different things being constantly added in at a later stage. Contact Element Builders today to know more about our general improvement services. Although we do not guarantee that there won’t be any cost added later, since general tenant Improvements, Commercial Remodels and Commercial Construction always have costs which end up being added on. This is simply the nature of construction work. Yet, what we can do is assist you in all areas that could cost extra later on, and give you a fair range.

Design Build

We also offer design-build on any project. With a design-build project, we will pull together a well-integrated team of all types of experts required to move your construction project from start to end. This includes designing, engineering, contracting, subcontracting and several other relevant project partners. You can leave the coordination aspect to us so that you can focus on various other crucial things such as running your business. We believe, there are numerous benefits of design-build for any project. These include faster delivery since there are integrated teams that will work more efficiently and minimize hindrances in the road. Also, you can be assured of better quality since proper collaboration within a single project team will deliver better quality and better ideas. Another benefit is you are assured greater flexibility. Remember, having a skilled team with vast capabilities indicates greater project flexibility. Moreover, there are lower costs. This is because a single-source, cohesive team will not only drive efficiency but also remove the chance of expense overruns. Finally, you can expect lowered risk. This is because our design-build team will assume accountability for every aspect of your construction project. Contact Element Builders now to know more about our range of construction services.


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