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The expert professionals at Element Builders are your preferred San Diego General Contractor for Marijuana Dispensary projects. We have completed (4) legal marijuana dispensaries to San Diego City and County codes. Our team can perform all required trades plus Bulletproofing, access control, custom sales displays, audio, video, sales equipment, and internet. Over the years, we have realized that there are a lot of hoops to jump through in this business and we have experience dealing with these inspectors and city in order to get your store open.

San Diego General Contractor – Marijuana Dispensary

We are here to assist you in building out your growing operation in Marijuana dispensary. After beginning your project and understanding how specialized the marijuana dispensary construction industry is and continues to be, we realized a growing requirement to create specialized services for the Marijuana industry. After working on our first project, we realized there is a need to create a specialized team that will understand the Marijuana industry from a retail as well as a wholesale perspective. This helps us better service potential clients looking to setup their own Marijuana Dispensary in San Diego or growing operations. Our specialized team of Marijuana Contractors will oversee the successful completion of several projects nationally. From restaurants, office space, retail to various other types of projects, Element Builders have several years of experience within the construction business. Having been approached by several different marijuana dispensaries and its growing operations, our team of construction experts has created a special approach for our customers looking to establish a Marijuana Dispensary and its growing operations. From efficiency to security, Element Builders is a solution based contractor who will offer a comprehensive strategy for your marijuana dispensary or growing operations.

Reliability & Accountability 

By starting our project from inception, our team at Element Builders understands the responsibility that we are undertaking for our clients. Hence, regardless of the type of the project, we find it imperative to be accountable and reliable at all phases of your project. Regardless of whether we design or assist you in construction, you can rely on our team to communicate various aspects of your Marijuana project.
Our team is committed to continuing education within this industry and its construction practices. If you are simply contemplating about getting into the legal Marijuana business, you must give our team a call first. After the initial consultation with our team, you will have the needed path to get started. Above all, you will know that you are being assisted by an experienced team that can help you to resolve the issues to get your Marijuana business started. Our objective is to patiently hear all the challenges that our client has been facing and design an end to end n which will meet all the state regulations and also represent the vision of our clients that they have had from the onset. We genuinely endeavor to create a property which distinguishes itself from the competition.

After focusing on creating a unique and creatively efficient property, we have definitely created a niche within the marijuana industry. Call now for more information!


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